Hope Carries Life Forward in Sierra Leone

Detailed Synopsis

Pride of Lions, a feature documentary presents Sierra Leone in a new light. The atrocities and destruction imposed on this West African country during an 11-year civil war contrasts greatly with the rich beauty of the land and the peaceful nature of its people. A nation that was once thriving, is torn apart by corruption and the brutalities of war, but somehow finds hope for the future.

It is our goal to dispel the myths of Sierra Leone by offering a rare glimpse into the lives of those who experienced the war, firsthand: an artisan diamond miner raising his brother's amputee son, who as a baby lost his leg to the same bullet that killed his mother; a boy soldier forced to fight at the age of eight now repairs bicycles in Kono; Lazarus, a gentle man with forgiveness in his heart shares his horrific story of the rebels cutting off both his arms, and to think this happened only a decade ago. We hear from a young doctor who overcame great obstacles to finish medical school and decides not to move to the West, but to stay and care for his people; a school principal finds newfound hope for the future as his high school is rebuilt; a businessman with a focus on economics and micro agriculture, professing sustainability; a couple returns to Sierra Leone after living in London for thirty years, taking on the roles of Paramount Chief and First Lady because their people need them.

Our hope is Pride of Lions will inspire others to reach out to support the people of Sierra Leone as they rebuild their war torn country. It is our desire First World Countries around the globe will reach a new awareness and understanding for the Sierra Leonean people.

Pride of Lions shows humanity at its worst, but more importantly it illuminates the best in humanity. The Sierra Leoneans choose forgiveness over contempt, peace instead of revenge, and replace hatred towards their oppressors with determination and hope for the future.

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Pride of Lions